Dr Alex Chen

alex chen

Dr. Alex, Chih-Yu CHEN, M.D., M.Sc.

Dr. Alex Chen is a medical doctor studying in PhD program with Taiwan government Top University Strategic Alliance (TUSA) scholarship at WHO Collaborating Centre of Imperial College London. He got his M.D. Degree from Taipei Medical University in 2008 then had the M.Sc. Degree in the International Health Master Program of National Yang Ming University in 2010. He also had international research experience in U.S.A (University of California, Los Angeles) & Japan (Nagasaki University).


Dr. Chen was granted two scholarships to conduct research respectively in USA & Japan by 2009. One scholarship is offered by Taiwan government for conducting “Cross-national health care system comparison between USA and Taiwan” in UCLA under the supervision of Prof. Morisky. The other scholarship is from Japanese government for evaluating "The rare diseases in children: health care system comparison between Japan and Taiwan” in Nagasaki University. In the meantime, he was publishing a paper in the field of geriatric medicine with his supervisor Prof. Aoyagi.


Dr. Chen was a physician in the National Taiwan University Hospital for 3 years and an attending physician & occupational medicine physician in Science Park Clinic. He was also a medical consultant of multiple huge international companies, such as Standard Chartered Bank, ESB, tsmc, TEL, MXIC, Chipbond, Altek, SPIL, CPT, Taipower and National Synchrotron Radiation Research Center in recent 3 years.


Dr. Chen is also participating in three NGOs. He is the International Liaison Officer & EU Representative of Taiwan Association for International Care of Organ Transplants (TAICOT), the UK Representative of Doctors Against Forced Organ Harvesting (DAFOH) and UK Representative of Asian Health Literacy Association (A.H.L.A). He have represented these NGOs to give related speeches in European Union Committee & UK Parliament.