Over the years, the Imperial WHO CC has created reports for a various number of countries focussing on key issues such as disease outbreaks, war, health system development and health education.

On this page you will find examples of these reports.

Full versions can be acquired by contacting us through the website.



Qatar Report 2011:

2011 Qatar FINAL

Seychelles Outbreak Report:

Seychelles Executive Report FINAL

Iran report 2012:

Iran Report Final

Kuwait Report 2012:

Kuwait 2012_Final

Palestine Report 2010:

Palestine oPt WHO report FINAL

WHO Primary Care Report:

WHO Strengthening Primary Care through Family Medicine Final

KSA Report 2009:

KSA_integrated HCS SR Final Edited Version October 2009

Quatar Report 2009:

Qatar SR Report Public Health in Qatar July 2009 Final Report copy

KSA Reforms 2009:

KSA Reforms Part 1 Fully Integrated and Comprehensive Heathcare September 2009