Training and education are at the heart of all our centre's activities.

These courses are ran by Imperial College School of Public Health with relation, when applicable, to activities the department has with the WHO Collaborating Centre for Public Health and Education Training.

We strongly believe that courses must be tailored to the needs of participants, and designed to be as useful as possible in the real world.

With this in mind, we base our teaching on 3 principles:

1. Specialist knowledge based on many years of practical experience.

Our faculty are all experts in their field. We have built our programme based on years of experience in medicine, health services management, public health and education. We are able to draw upon the vast array of world experts across the university and in the National Health Service.

2. Case studies

Expert ability depends on contextbased knowledge. Our courses are structured around speciallydeveloped case studies to enable participants to move effectively from theory to practice.

3. Interactive teaching methods

Our interactive programme of study is based on contemporary theories and extensive practical experience.


Education & Training


WHO Collaborating Centre courses  are designed to respond to current educational needs in the field of Public Health.  They evolve together with changing environment but are founded on innovative teaching methods.

Visiting Programmes

We are able to arrange visiting academic programmes from just a few days up to one year.


Our international work focusing on Public Health issues is our priority and we aim to publish our content in the current relevant journals and conferences.