New wave of NHS privatisation begins

On the eve of the US presidential election, it was announced that a tender for more than 200 Bath and North East adult social care services, started in August 2016, was awarded to Virgin Care.

A seven-year £700m contract was unanimously voted for by the local CCG, and Virgin Care who's parent company is based in the British Virgin Islands (which is well known as a tax haven) has pledged that profits would be reinvested.

History repeats itself and a similar contract discretely occurred back in 2012:

"Jeremy Hunt, the new health secretary, personally intervened to encourage the controversial takeover of NHS hospitals in his constituency by a private company, Virgin Care, raising fresh concerns last night over his appointment.

Hunt, who replaced Andrew Lansley in last week's cabinet reshuffle, was so concerned by a delay to the £650m deal earlier this year that he asked for assurances from NHS Surrey officials that it would be swiftly signed."

Source - The Guardian 2012

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