Debate: UK NHS Junior Doctor Contract

A meeting at the Charing Cross Campus discussed the new Junior Doctors contract and its effect on the future of the NHS.

Discussion points included:
- Junior Doctor Contract Changes
- GP funding and Workload
- GP Federations, Practice Mergers and ACO's
- Forthcoming BMA and RCGP Elections
- Low morale among junior doctors has been exacerbated by the imposition of a new contract
- Concerns about the impact of the new contract amongst those working less than full time (LTFT), for example, about the cost and availability of childcare if they have to work an increased amount of time at unsocial hours
- Junior doctors already often have to work unpaid hours that are not recorded in official statistics. 
- Some doctors considering working overseas, particularly at the end of foundation training
- Concerns doctors may start to adopt a ‘work to rule’ attitude which will further impact on their morale and also have an adverse effect on the NHS

This was a very lively debate on efficiencies and the nature of healthcare which is free at the point of delivery

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