Advanced Health & Medical Research Course 8-19 Dec 2014

The quality of healthcare services is of paramount importance for any government. Investing in its future is always a positive and admirable step forward. With this in mind,  the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research (MOHHSR) and the Ministry of Health, Iraq recognised the need for medical and health professionals in academia to be up-to-date with the latest advancements in teaching and research skills.  At their request Imperial college London and its WHO Collaborating Centre for Public Health Education and Training have developed a two-week bespoke training course tailored to develop and build capacity of a cohort of Iraqi health professionals in Health & Medical Research. The training is sponsored by World Health Organization and will be delivered on 8 December 2014.

The participants are the representatives of University of Baghdad, Baghdad Medical College, Medical College of Kirkuk, Karabala Medical College, Babel Medical College, Al Basrah Medical College, Thi Qar Unviersity, Al Kufa University, Hawler (Erbil) Medical College, Duhok Medical College,  Al Kindy Unviersity, Al Nahrain Unviersity , Al Mustansiriya University and Sulaymaniyah Medical College.
The ‘Advanced health & Medical research’ Training course is divided in to 3 modules: Research Methods, Teaching & Learning Methods, and Academic Leadership & Governance. It will use varied teaching methods and will be largely interactive.

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