Humanitarian crises in Iraq

In response to the Humanitarian crises taking place in Iraq and the atrocities caused by the Islamic State (IS), previously ISIS, the WHO CC, led by Professor Rawaf, in unison with Professor Azeem Majeed, Head of Department of Primary Care and Public Health called for a high level meeting of senior politicians and academics to provide moral and humanitarian support to the people of Iraq.

The senior delegation meeting held at Imperial College’s Charing Cross campus on Monday the 11th August included HE Ambassador Faik Nerweyi – Iraqi Ambassador to UK, Professor Mosa Al Mosawe – Cultural Attaché, Iraqi Embassy, London, Dr Ali Kubba, Vice President IMA UK & Ireland, Dr Moyad Aziz, President, IMSI UK & Ireland, Dr Talha Al Shawaf--RCOG and Imperial College London, Dr Majeed Jawad--Chairman of ICILG & RCPCH, Professor Ghanim Al Sheikh--WHO CC and Imperial College London, Professor Salman Rawaf--Director of WHO CC Imperial College London, and Professor Azeem Majeed--Head of Dep[artment of Primary Care and Public Health.

Topics discussed were the displaced Health Academics and Service Professionals; establishing link with Universities outside troubled areas; exploring the possibility of short-term placements of displaced Medical Students and missed exams. On the health services side, top of the agenda was how to maintain health services in conflict zones (Salah Aldin, Ninawa and Al Anbar); safety of those who are still working in conflict zones; professional support; quality of services; and linkages between both the Ministry of Health and the MoHER.

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