AMAR Foundation Conference – ‘Health in Iraq’

The WHO Collaborating Centre for Public Health Training and Education participated in the 3 day conference organised by AMAR foundation entitled ‘Health in Iraq’ in March 2014, which was held at the University of Oxford. The conference explored key issues in health and the effectiveness of AMAR’s health programs, as well as examined next steps for future interventions, while providing an opportunity for partnership with AMAR and the Government of Iraq.

The conference involved 60 participants with representatives from the Ministry of Health Iraq, the World Bank, UNFPA and Chatham house.

Health in iraq

This was followed up by a visit of the Iraqi delegates, representing the Ministry of Health, & the AMAR team to London and a warm welcome at Imperial College London’s Department of Primary care and Public Health at the School of Public Health. The aim of the visit was to introduce the delegation to the British Health System (NHS), the work of Imperial College London and the WHO Collaboration centre, furthermore, to explore bilateral collaboration in teaching, research, capacity building and service development in the field of expertise relevant to both parties.

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